L.A.C consists of 5 strong female dancers & choreographers, Amanda Arin, Jonna Hökengren, Pauline Eddeborn, Maja Andersson & Malin Wikner. We have worked together as a group since 2012. We have a open mindset and try to always keep our creative ways free. Free from judgement, norms and preconceptions. Together we form a creative collective with movement as our main form of expression. We believe that the artform dance is not only created for the eye but also to make the spectator feel, think and react. We want to affect and cause reason for discussion and thoughtfulness. 

In excess of our own creative projects we also work as a versatile freelanced dance group. We have performed on many stages in Sweden and internationally, with productions like Eurovision Song Contest, Swedish Grammy Awards, Stockholm Open and artists like Loreen, Darin & ADL.  We are five  individuals and we work together to constantly evolve and create our own and innovative paths.